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  • Luokka: Music
  • Julkaisupäivä: 2010-03-16
  • Nykyinen versio: 6.12.0
  • Aikuisten luokitus: 4+
  • Tiedoston koko: 121.20 MB
  • Kehittäjä: Ultimate Guitar
  • Yhteensopivuus: Vaatii iOS:n 12.1 tai uudempi.
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  • Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs kuuluu Music
  • pisteet arvosta 4.77 on received
  • Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs on arvioinut 60,653 käyttäjät
  • Valmistaja Ultimate Guitar
  • Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs on Vaatii iOS:n
You can now sync your tab settings across multiple devices! Choose one or more settings you prefer and enjoy them on all platforms: Transpose, simplify, flats and chord variations Type of Instruments, chords, strummings, or a left handed version Preferable autoscroll speed for each tab you use

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Sovelluksesta on tällä hetkellä 60,653 arvosteluja, keskimääräinen kokemus pisteet on 4.77.

  • :(

    Tekijä jdidbeydisbdj
    Said free trial then took my money :(
  • The best

    Tekijä Hiekkamyrsky
    Definitely the best chord app!!! Nothing to complain about! (Expect it's not totally free but it's understandable)
  • Woow

    Tekijä omena77
    This app is best app i have ever seen👍

    Tekijä Myyrä_87
    Ultimate guitar has gone completely trash, the login process is actually a subscription proces. Gives impression of beign free, but has actually activated the subscription in the background. Very, very bad customer acquisition method. Not recomended, there are better free alternatives.
  • The

    Tekijä sissi300709
    ITS OK
  • ??

    Tekijä jaspuu
    When the app is on i hear this little buzz from speakers?
  • I can play any of my favorite songs

    Tekijä peliadikti
  • A lot of ads and horrible ui

    Tekijä Sidioussi
    The website keeps nagging about using this app, i tried it for 2 minutes and it’s horrible. I’ll just stick to the website.
  • Tabs zoom not working?

    Tekijä Pasi Häkkinen
    I use this app a lot and love it.. but tabs viewing has changed annoyingly lately.. before when I zoomed a tab (ie. official), it used to scale the number of bars so that you could see less or more but also with larger or smaller font. Now it just scales as a regular browser, which is useless. Please fix this back so it can be used again!
  • Awesome!

    Tekijä pnh007
    Picked up guitar again after 25year break! G-Tabs makes this so much fun! I’m lesrnng all my favourite riffs - without having to do the tabbing work myself! Awesome!
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Kehittäjä Ultimate Guitar
Kehittäjä ID 337516725
Nykyinen versio 6.12.0
Yhteensopivuus Vaatii iOS:n
Luokka Music
Nykyinen versio 2022-10-05T12:03:21Z
Kielet EN
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