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  • Luokka: Travel
  • Julkaisupäivä: 2014-10-22
  • Nykyinen versio: 7.6.5
  • Aikuisten luokitus: 4+
  • Tiedoston koko: 30.50 MB
  • Kehittäjä: AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
  • Yhteensopivuus: Vaatii iOS:n 14.1 tai uudempi.
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  • Valmistaja AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
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  • Just tap your phone instead

    Tekijä daAPz
    If you're a traveller who just wants to get from spot A to spot B, it's a whole lot easier and faster to just tap your NFC enabled card at the gates than install this app. If you're in a line thinking it's a quick to set up, you'll be disappointed as you'll have to enter credit card details and then go through the bank's verification process. There's no any instant payment methods like Apple pay. If you want to use Apple pay, just tap your phone instead at the gates and forget about this app.
  • Bad

    Tekijä tourist314
    Worst app ever
  • Seriously? Very incovenient for purchacing tickets

    Tekijä visitor_29_2_2020
    You have to do strong identification every time you buy a ticket. Why???? An odd interpretatio of the eu directives.,.
  • Get some help for mobile payment development

    Tekijä Punker0
    Edit. Me: Seriously, when I add my credit card to my app by verification in the mobile bank I expect I dont have to do it again EVERY TIME when I buy a ticket. Get help. It is not that hard if you want to serve your clients much easier. SL: "”Hi Punker0, Thank you for your comment. The extra steps are because of the new rules within the European Union, which states that all "customer-initiated" online payments must comply with SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). This lies within the Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) and is mandatory as of the 14th of September, 2019. Best regards, SL App Dev Team ” Me: Thanks for the answer! Does the new September regulations in PSD2 force to stong identification EVERY TIME when I do the purchase with a credit card that I already have made a strong identification? In my knowledge it is not mandatory after I have strongly identified the card. Think about In App purchases too, if that was the case Apple is violating the PSD2 regulations every second, bcause there is no strong identifications after once doing it with that spesific credit card.
  • Quite bad

    Tekijä outime
    I put my credit card to get some tickets and I have to go through the whole verification process with the bank. Fine, this is usually the case. But then every time you buy a ticket you need to go to the whole process again! It takes minutes to complete it every time. This is the only app/payment gateway that does this. It’s silly. Another thing is that the single ticket costs more than 4 EUR. What were they thinking? How can it be so expensive?
  • Seriosly it's 2019

    Tekijä Juice13445
    Could you add modern payment methods like Apple Pay, thank you.
  • Ok but

    Tekijä not Mark Z's buddy
    This app is just ok though it is 5 years behind. Developers should have a look at what has been done in the sister city Helsinki (journey planner / reittiopas).
  • Språk

    Tekijä Kaide68
    Hej. Finns denna App endst på engelska, eller går det att byta språk till svenska?
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Kehittäjä AB Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
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Nykyinen versio 7.6.5
Yhteensopivuus Vaatii iOS:n
Luokka Travel
Nykyinen versio 2022-10-06T08:24:07Z
Kielet EN, SV
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