Yousician: Guitar Lessons

Tekijä Yousician Ltd

  • Luokka: Education
  • Julkaisupäivä: 2015-02-26
  • Nykyinen versio: 4.64.0
  • Aikuisten luokitus: 4+
  • Tiedoston koko: 226.44 MB
  • Kehittäjä: Yousician Ltd
  • Yhteensopivuus: Vaatii iOS:n 13.0 tai uudempi.
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  • Yousician: Guitar Lessons kuuluu Education
  • arviointi arvosta 4.49 on annettu
  • Yousician: Guitar Lessons on arvioinut 14,302 ihmiset
  • Valmistaja Yousician Ltd
  • Yousician: Guitar Lessons on Vaatii iOS:n
We made some minor improvements and bug fixes to make the app work better. Love the app? Rate us! We would love to hear your feedback. Any questions? Visit and reach out to our support team!

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Sovelluksesta on tällä hetkellä 14,302 arvosteluja, keskimääräinen kokemus luokitus on 4.49.

  • Hyvä muuten, mutta…

    Tekijä gyiihhbjk
    Jotkin biisit soitetaan aivan kummallisesti tämän mukaan
  • 3 päivää

    Tekijä åpäömnoilkbvuyjhcxtrgfzdsewqa
    Tykkäsin tästä sen takia koska opin soittamaa kitaraa 3:sa päivässä🥰
  • Don’t get scammed

    Tekijä hthtfgs
    Automatically purchases subscription for months in advance when trial ends. Their website says no refunds. SCAM
  • It's fine... But:

    Tekijä kerostampcrab
    It picks up sound a little late and sometimes not at all for me. It's good till you get to the end of the free lessons and you'll need to purchase to get to the rest of whatever.
  • So much potentiaal

    Tekijä vgygiugguyg
    Great If its free
  • Work when it want to work

    Tekijä tupaukorva
    It hear sounds with piano when it eant to hear feels like that own music what yousician play mess that. With midi it works better but with latency. With guitar you need to mess too much to get it work well. Some times it wotk sometimes its not hear you. Guitar tested with focusrite and pc. When you send message for customer service you just get generic answer which really not helpfull. There is really lot better alternatives to use learning
  • Best Black Friday purchase ever!!

    Tekijä Prakirth
    Have been thinking for an year already to purchase a subscription. Finally did it. Thanks for the discount. Hope my dedication to this app will be worth it😀🥂
  • Yousician is bad

    Tekijä zzhhhhzzhhhudyd
    It doesn’t work!
  • Bass

    Tekijä Johku73
    I have a 5 string bass so i can’t learn with a normal 4 string bass :(
  • An ok app to practice some techniques, provided you already know the basics

    Tekijä eljayeigh
    If this is your first foray into musical instruments or singing, be aware, that the app is really limited and basically only loosely listens to your pitch, and can’t really teach any expression. You really need some input from another human being too. This being said, if you already have some basic skills, or are learning with a human teacher, this app certainly could support your learning. Some of the guitar arrangements are really something awful. Why are all classical pieces and beautiful etudes turned into horrible guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen BS? Listening the versioning of Asturias was just heart breaking. The app would benefit from being able to select different musical styles for some of the compulsory parts, as grinding through dozens of songs badly arranged into unfitting musical styles is tedious and doesn’t really teach you much. Overall, the app has a lot of unrealized potential.
Fact Status
Kehittäjä Yousician Ltd
Kehittäjä ID 453707541
Nykyinen versio 4.64.0
Yhteensopivuus Vaatii iOS:n
Luokka Education
Nykyinen versio 2022-10-07T05:04:57Z
Kielet NL, EN, FR, DE, IT, JA, PT, RU, ZH, ES, ZH
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