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Tekijä Discord, Inc.

  • Luokka: Social Networking
  • Julkaisupäivä: 2015-05-21
  • Nykyinen versio: 147.0
  • Aikuisten luokitus: 17+
  • Tiedoston koko: 143.32 MB
  • Kehittäjä: Discord, Inc.
  • Yhteensopivuus: Vaatii iOS:n 11.0 tai uudempi.
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  • Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout kuuluu Social Networking
  • arviointi arvosta 4.69 on annettu
  • Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout on arvioinut 274,348 käyttäjät
  • Valmistaja Discord, Inc.
  • Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout on Vaatii iOS:n
We’ve been hard at work making Discord better for you. For this version we've made a bunch of bug fixes and performance enhancements to make sure everything’s running as smooth as possible.

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Sovelluksesta on tällä hetkellä 274,348 kokemuksia, keskimääräinen luokitus pisteet on 4.69.

  • Ongelma /häiriö korjatkaa mahdollisimman pian

    Tekijä cpm seller
    4päivityksen jälkeen kaveri pyynnöt on lakannut toimimasta kun laittaa näyttökusta kaverin joka on omassa What up ja haluaa kaveriksi dirgord niin Ei toimi vaikka on oikein korjatkaa tämä vika se toimi niinkuin pitää
  • awesome app

    Tekijä Tanjukka
    great way to find friends online if don't go out much or indoors at least for me thank you for this honesty so much :) just suggestion but it would nice if you could add like voice messager but only for the people who are your friends or just to go settings and choose who can voice messages you everyone, friends or nobody but even tho is great, i really like the voice call thing and is cool when someone calls you you get like a ring tone. but sometimes just sometimes when you get a notification it doesn't show it even if you have it on then hours later i found it when i go to discord itself😅
  • cant open

    Tekijä Aksu Naksu
    Updated it and it wont open, just crashes instantly Even after redownloading it, turning my phone off and on and all that other stuff.
  • Narutoo

    Tekijä 紫迩
    No me deja entrar a mi cuenta
  • Spamming discord app download every time i use web version. I have that

    Tekijä kuvahemmo
    Spamming that discord app download. I have that but most time i use web version. Thats better.
  • ei toimi

    Tekijä Minsku6627
    ei päästä sisälle prkl

    Tekijä NeverPayPalAgain
    This app is a real f—- big piece of sh—-!!! Always I need to click to animal icônes to connect, and after made this stupid and ridiculous steps, the app not recognise my password !!! F—- you !!!!
  • good but..

    Tekijä avaliina
    lately i've been having this issue on my iphone, where discord says i am offline. even though i am not. and i didn't have invisible mode on, so i don't know why it does that. i always have to close the app and reopen it, which is really annoying. this happens very often. the IOS app seems to have a lot of these glitches, i have tested this on several DIFFERENT iphones. my friends that have an iphone also have this issue. also, i have issues with logging in sometimes. this is a recent issue. even though i type my password and email correctly, it says my email or password is incorrect. i have to close and open the app a million times for it to let me log in.
  • Discord

    Tekijä muro makkara
    Discord is full of everything. I’ve made so many friends with this app i recommend all of you to install this app!
  • SUB TO NonSpace for 10 bucks!

    Tekijä NonSpace
Fact Status
Kehittäjä Discord, Inc.
Kehittäjä ID 658886503
Nykyinen versio 147.0
Yhteensopivuus Vaatii iOS:n
Luokka Social Networking
Nykyinen versio 2022-10-03T18:07:17Z
Kielet EN
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